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    Siblings Account banned for being "associated" with my own.

    So yeah, my alt account which is used by my brother and only him was banned. We have the same IP as we live together, but I do not ever use it unless I am explaining something to someone in-game as my brother cannot do that due to his autism. I was instructed that all and any of these activities are allowed by nonojang who had asked TJ.

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    ip banned infact.

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    Hi Ryan. I'm really sad to see what's become of your relationship with GLD while I was gone. I quite like you and hated to be the one to place the ip ban yesterday, but I was online before you got there and monitored your entire msg conversation with Lovings, and it was of course you & not your brother on the account.
    I'm hopeful you can eventually mend your broken relationships with the other senior staff and rejoin us, but based on the comments you made to Lovings last night I think you're not quite ready to reconcile.
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